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POSITION:  Retail Merchandiser Miu Miu

CITY:  London
ID:  9283

Founded in 1913 in Italy, the Prada Group was built on a tradition of excellence and with a vision of innovation. The Group, a world leader in the luxury sector, operates in more than 45 countries with the PRADA, Miu Miu, Church’s and Car Shoe brands, and has employees of over 100 nationalities.

The acquisition of Pasticceria Marchesi 1824 has marked the Group’s entry into the food sector, applying the same high quality criteria. Very proactive also in the art field, the Prada Group strengthens its presence through contemporary art projects in constant evolution.

Joining our Company means working in a creative and international environment, with teams of people motivated by curiosity and the quest for excellence. The engine of our success is the importance and value that we place on the talent and passion of our people leading to their own professional growth.



To be involved in the buying process for the UK stores and for the three brand's categories (RTW, LG, Shoes). To process daily analysis in terms of sales, trends and characteristics of clients guaranteeing periodic presence in the stores. 




  • Work with Retail Merchandising France & UK to place the order for the UK market, in line with selection of the Master Order.
  • Cooperate with Retail Merchandising France & UK in making merchandise orders per store.
  • Monitor the sales performance of referring product category by store and SKU on a daily basis.
  • Use Company tools to transfer products between stores or markets, according to stock trends and the indications provided by Retail Merchandising France & UK or requests by stores.
  • Provide the Retail Customer Service with information concerning performances of store replenishment and allotment of products in the stores, based on the indications of his/her own manager or the requests by markets he/she oversees.
  • Convey to Retail Merchandising France & UK and the headquaters Retail Merchandising Team all information concerning significant events in the reference market, as well as events of local relevance.
  • Cooperate with Visual Merchandising structures to create a consistent product display in shop windows and inside stores.
  • Prepare contents and/or presentations useful to product training activities.




Economic, analytical/numerical background, combined with a knowledge of the world of fashion/luxury and products

Similar 4-6 year experience in this role

Fashion/luxury-oriented and knowledge of Retail basic principles

Strong sensitivity and aesthetic sense

Passion for international context and for the various social and cultural contexts

Ability to work in a fast paced environment

Strong teamwork skills

Good command of English language and preferably of a second language