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POSITION:  Talent Pool Managers Stores UK

CITY:  London
ID:  7741

Founded in 1913 in Italy, the Prada Group was built on a tradition of excellence and with a vision of innovation. The Group, a world leader in the luxury sector, operates in more than 45 countries with the PRADA, Miu Miu, Church’s and Car Shoe brands, and has employees of over 100 nationalities.

The acquisition of Pasticceria Marchesi 1824 has marked the Group’s entry into the food sector, applying the same high quality criteria. Very proactive also in the art field, the Prada Group strengthens its presence through contemporary art projects in constant evolution.

Joining our Company means working in a creative and international environment, with teams of people motivated by curiosity and the quest for excellence. The engine of our success is the importance and value that we place on the talent and passion of our people leading to their own professional growth.

Talent Pool for Store Managerial positions


The Prada Group is constantly engaged in the search for professionals wishing to start a new and exciting career Journey with us. We are aware that new joiners can bring with them knowledge, skills and, consequently, new perspectives to the job. Furthermore, favouring cooperation among professionals with different backgrounds nourishes diversity, a characteristic which already exists in our company and which is key for its evolution and growth.


Within our UK subsidiary organization, we might have various opportunities across our London Stores. You can express your interest applying and joining our Talent Pool.

The importance of getting directly in touch with you through our Work with Us page allows us to create a fast track relationship and our Recruiting team will contact you directly for opportunities matching with your profile. 


What we are looking for: senior professionals who demonstrate passion and knowledge for the managed product categories, business driven managers able to motivate their team towards a strong customer approach and the excellence in services. A previous experience in the luxury business completes the profiles and a Business/Retail Management degree would be appreciated.