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Prada Group School Board - Accademia del Lusso

Posting Date:  Oct 19, 2020
Country:  IT
City:  Milan
ID:  7145
Career Path:  Sustainability Development & CSR

Prada Group meets Accademia del Lusso


The Prada Group is constantly engaged in the search for young talents wishing to start their career in the luxury sector, being aware that recent graduates joining the Group bring with them knowledge, skills and, as a consequence, new perspectives. Furthermore, favoring cooperation among different generations nourish diversity, a characteristic which already exists in our company and which is key for its evolution and growth.


The Prada Group offers this space dedicated to the applications of students Accademia del Lusso.


Accademia del Lusso is the Italian fashion school that deals with higher education in an innovative way, blending together creativity and design. Accademia's goal is to train the main professional figures in the sector: from fashion to marketing, from brand management to fashion design and fashion communication. Constant contact with the business world is a core feature; Accademia del Lusso truly is a meeting place between the needs of the job market and the aspirations of those who intend to pursue a career in the system of the major fashion, luxury and high-end brands.


 The importance of getting directly in touch with graduates through our Work with Us page allows us to create a fast track for the search and screening of young talents to join one of our Italian offices. The Prada Group has its main offices in Lombardy and Tuscany and offers specific internships or functions in line with gained experience.


If you are a new graduate Accademia del Lusso you can apply here to start connecting with the Prada Group; we will treasure your profile today and for the future, welcoming any updates you will provide on your career developments.



The purpose of this initiative is giving space to Universities, Institutes and Schools on a rotation basis, so that new graduates may have the chance of getting directly in touch with the Prada Group’s HR Team through the dedicated  'School Board' section. 

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